Garage Door

Installing New Garage Doors

Is your garage door looking old and outdated and crying out for a replacement? Or, do you need a garage door for your newly built house? When fixing your old garage door is no longer cost-effective , meaning it is not functioning more often than not or if you’re tired of looking at the same old garage door for the last 10,15,20 years, then you definitely need a new garage door. And of course, your garage in your newly built house needs a door. These are just some of the reasons why a new garage door is a must.

If you live around Redmond, garage door installation should not be a problem. We are a reputable garage service contractor operating in Redmond and we specialize in new garage door installation. You can trust that we will render the highest quality of workmanship since our main goal is total customer satisfaction.

We carry a large inventory of all kinds, types, designs, textures, and colors of garage doors that you can choose from. We don’t only install new doors; we also replace panels of old doors. (Name of the company) is your one stop shop in Redmond for your garage door installation needs.

Although installing a garage door can be a DIY project, it is still best to leave this kind of job to professionals. We have highly skilled and well-trained professionals who will perform the job for you. We are proud of our workmanship. Since we have total customer satisfaction as our goal, we ensure that all our jobs are of high quality and with a high standard of safety.

Now, if you need a panel replacement because you accidental damaged it by backing at it. Or, the panels are warping or separating because of the fluctuating harsh weather condition but you feel it is still serviceable or that the door is a custom-made and hard to replace, then maybe all that you’ll need is a panel replacement. Our technician will give you an honest opinion as to the condition of your garage door. If it only warrants panel replacement, then we at Redmond Garage Door can provide you with an identical panel to replace the damaged section.

Please call us at (425) 296-4950 and give your information to our friendly and courteous personnel and we will be sending a professional technician to assess the condition of your garage door. They will give you an honest opinion as to whether a panel replacement is all that is required or if you need a new door installed. All the aspects will be          explained to you and options or choices will be presented so that you can make an educated decision.

For Redmond, garage door installation and panel replacement needs can be immediately responded to by our friendly and courteous personnel. All you need to do is call us at (425) 296-4950 and we will send a highly qualified professional to find out what you need, explain to you your options and give you an estimate for your choice(s).