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Broken Spring Repair Services

How do you know that the spring of your garage door is broken? You will surely know if the spring is broken because your garage door is inoperative, meaning it won’t open or close at all. A broken spring can be due to many things-ordinary wear and tear, extreme changes in temperature, poor maintenance and improper adjustment and, of   course, age. A broken garage door spring is an emergency situation, you can’t get your car out to drive to work or get it in to secure it. In some cases, it could also pose danger to life and limb, especially if it snaps or break with people close by. In situations like this, you need the services of a reputable garage door repair service company like Redmond Garage Door.

Redmond Garage Door is a first-rate garage door service company. One of the outstanding services we offer is the replacement of broken springs including spring adjustment. The spring is one of the most important mechanisms of your garage door since they serve as support to the door. A broken spring will render your garage door inoperable. If the springs of your garage door is broken or needs adjustment call us at (contact number). In Redmond, garage door repair- broken spring is best done by our professional technicians.

We don’t only have highly skilled professionals to do the job, we also carry top of the line springs. We can repair, adjust or replace all types of springs no matter the age of your garage door. We provide from light to heavy springs for all kinds of garage doors, but we specialize in torsion and extension springs. Our torsion and extension springs are durable and have long life span that is meant to extend the life of your garage door. Our service trucks carry a big inventory of all types of springs of all sizes for all kinds of doors that no time is lost in search of a replacement.    

The main objective of Redmond Garage Door is total customer satisfaction. When you call us to replace the broken spring of your garage door, we don’t only do simple replacement. We replace the broken spring with the best torsion spring in the market to ensure a longer life span for your garage door. Our well-trained and professional technicians will also see to it that your garage door is properly balanced. This will guarantee your satisfaction and peace of mind for the long term.

In Redmond, garage door repair – broken spring is not a problem. Redmond Garage Dooris your assurance that any issues with regards garage door springs has a solution. All you need to do is call us at (425) 296-4950. Our courteous and friendly personnel will relay the information to our honest and professional technicians. They will         arrive at your home in a truck well-stocked with all types of springs, especially torsion and extension springs, from light to heavy, for all kinds of doors. They will get the job done and get your garage door operational again in the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way to your utmost satisfaction.